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This Grade-A Rose Quartz Face roller massages the skin and muscles of your face, facilitates lymphatic fluid drainage, and encourages a healthy complexion by aiding increased blood circulation. It is double-sided with a large stone (for cheeks, jaw line, forehead) and smaller stone (for eye area and bridge of nose). Both stones are smoothly polished and cool-to-the-touch. They are held together with durable, rust-proof hardware. The whole gem roller is easily cleanable. Overall, it is beautiful as much as it is functional.

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 Rose Quartz is the stone of unconditional love and infinite peace, vibrating in attunement with the heart and heart chakra.

A gem roller has the ability to take your daily skin ritual to a deeper level. Not only can it help your skin’s texture, reduce inflammation, and brighten complexion with regular use – working with the inherent energy of Clear Quartz may also open up new channels and unlock inspiring potential that you can carry with you throughout your day or night.

This face roller has many possibilities for use.

For Lymphatic drainage: Start rolling with unidirectional downward strokes at the base of your neck (slightly below your collar bone) then move up on your neck towards your chin- always rolling downward. On your face, always roll in one direction from the middle of the face outward to the ears. Start on one side of the face, down at the chin and work your way up to the forehead. Then switch to the other side of the face.

Sinus congestion: Roll along sinus pathways in one direction, starting at the nose then rolling toward the temple.

Headaches: Roll along forehead and temples with smooth, even pressure. You can chill the roller in the freezer or in a cup of ice water.

Sheet masks: Drive the serums in your favorite sheet mask further into your skin by rolling the Gem roller on top of the sheet mask.

Cleaning instructions: Clean with gentle soap and water.

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