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Facial Gua Sha is an ancient technique within Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) that visibly rejuvenates the skin through light pulling and lifting massage motions. It has the potential to sculpt muscles, relieve tension, and facilitate lymphatic fluid drainage depending on how the Gua Sha is manipulated. This multi-sided, gem-quality Nephrite Jade tool comes a serrated edge to encourage stimulation and gentle breaking up of tissue, resulting in brightness and increased circulation.

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Nephrite jade is a mesmerizing dark green that is reminiscent of conifer forests, vibrant moss, and mystical tree frogs glistening with water droplets. When a Gua sha tool is made out of this gem quality stone, the finish is almost mirror like, being able to capture the reflection of sunlight and the user. Jade is known to release negative thoughts and soothe the mind. Deep green jade calms the nervous system. 

A Gua sha stone has the ability to take your daily skin ritual to a deeper level. Not only can it help tone and sculpt facial muscles, brighten complexion, and relieve tension with regular use – working with the inherent energy of nephrite jade may also open up new channels and unlock inspiring potential that you can carry with you throughout your day or night.

Gua Sha has many possibilities for use: Facial sculpting, Muscle tension, Lymphatic drainage. We recommend consulting a TCM practitioner who has Gua Sha training before using the tool.

Cleaning instructions: The stone can be cleaned with gentle soap and water. We recommend placing a ROMI microfiber cloth, in your sink, or on your bathroom countertop when cleaning to prevent breakage if dropped.

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