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Our Story

At ROMI Apothecary™ we craft luxury skincare products utilizing fresh ingredients grown by small farmers in our bioregion. We believe that plant medicine and herbal knowledge is for the people and should be accessible to all through easy-to-use products and reasonable price points.

All of our products are made in-house using fresh, whole plant infusions. Our formulations are based on scientific evidences, as well as traditional herbal knowledge passed down from teachers and wise-women.

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Our mission is to bring effective, high-vibrational and nutrient-dense skin remedies from the bounty of our great lakes bioregion into your home sanctuary. Combined with elegant design and poetic guidance, we want to inspire you to cultivate your own relationship with plant-powered beauty and self-care through daily rituals.


ROMI Apothecary™ is a brand that cares for Plants, People, and the connections in-between. We envision a lifestyle where skincare is a vital tool for the multi-dimensional body and spirit. We want our skincare to be thought of as integral to health, joy, and observing Beauty within ourselves and the world around us.

A note from our founder

Aloha, my name is Romina and I welcome you to the skincare world of ROMI Apothecary™. When I started making skincare experiments in my own kitchen in 2015, I was searching for a creative outlet to a demanding hospital job as an occupational therapist. I felt drained, beyond fatigued, and my nerves were on high alert. The magic of being able to gather plants in the wild, alchemize them into glistening creations, then adorning my skin with the very products I made with my own hands- was incredibly healing and led me on a path to rediscover my relationship to Nature, Spirit, and Body.

As I tapped deeper into the act of herbal medicine-making and explored the somatic-emotional relationship between the body and plant constituents, I found a blossoming of self-love that emerged from the daily, ritualistic approach to skincare. Skincare is a practice of nourishment and replenishment. The medicinal herbs, aromatics, and oils in skincare are vehicles for self-discovery and the poetic expression of how Nature can care for you in this process.

Now as a business owner, natural cosmetics formulator, and skin-specific herbalist, my hope is to make skincare products that reflect the transformative journey of rediscovering connections to Nature. I hope that you find joy and health-full skin results with ROMI products, as well as a journey into what it means to take care of yourself geniunely and truthfully.


With love,


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Our farmer friends harvest beautifully cultivated medicinal herbs at peak-potency and we process these fresh, whole-ingredients in our homestead apothecary. We know each and every ingredient intimately in its living, dried and infused forms and have mastered the process of extracting phytonutrients and alchemizing them into potions that you can easily apply to your skin. You can trust that our products do not contain harmful toxins or synthetics that cause sensitivities.



We believe that using herbs grown in your very own bioregion are the herbs meant for your bodies and skin. Skin has a dynamic and ever-changing biome, much like the gut and the soil. When we consume herbs that share the same light, soil and water sources as us, we engage with our ecosystem and all the nourishment that is meant to feed and replenish our cells.



We are only as strong as our community. That is why giving back to the community that fosters and supports us is a pillar of our business. As a first-generation Asian-American, woman-owned business, our community is precious to us and we believe in spreading the love, especially with our Black, Indigenous, and Person of Color communities at the forefront.



We are dedicated to bringing you the freshest and most potent ingredients that we can find, while keeping our eco-footprint as low as possible. Our passion for earth stewardship informs our ingredient sourcing, packaging, and shipping solutions. We strive to always transform and grow as needed to find better, greener alternatives within our capacity.

We give back to the community that fosters and supports us, with our Black, Indigenous, & Person of Color communities at the forefront.