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Elevate your skincare routine and switch out your washcloths and old towels with this soft and plush ROMI microfiber towel. It excels at removing makeup and masks when used wet. Or use dry – like any towel – after washing your face.

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The mechanoreceptors in our skin respond differently to delicate touch than to deep touch. With soft touch, our nervous systems are not jolted but rather are able to adjust more seamlessly to new sensations. The soft micro-fibers in this ROMI cloth accentuate the grounding, luxurious feelings that intentional self-care can prevail in your body and nervous system. 

Physically, the soft fibers also prevent micro-tears on your skin that can be sustained from rough fibers and mechanical shearing. Being gentle with your skin and preventing tugging, rough-handling, and pulling – will contribute to long term healthy, youthful-looking, and beautiful skin.

After washing your face, dry your face with this soft microfiber cloth just as you would with any towel. In order to remove makeup or a clay mask, wet first with warm water, then wipe the towel on your skin.

Cleaning instructions: Wash like any towel then air-dry to keep them from accumulating lint from the dryer.

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