Jasmine + Ginger Body Oil


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A versatile body oil that is sexy, floral, spicy, and flirty. Adorn as a perfume accent or use as total body moisture after bathing. Not just an intoxicating and addicting scent, this body oil has skin-healing properties. Calendula flowers have been slow-infused into linoleic acid rich apricot oil to absorb quickly and deeply into the skin layers to nourish and condition dry skin.

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Adorning this oil onto the skin, you are transported to a sultry walk through a jungle in bloom with exotic flowers, beautifully balanced with fresh cuts of steam-distilled ginger root. Ginger root is warming and circulation boosting, while the exotic night-blooming Jasmine sambac evokes the desire to mingle with the celestial light of the Moon and Stars. Ylang ylang harmonizes everything together with sweet sensuality and encourages the playful energy within us all.

How does it smell?

Spiced ginger, floral and sweet ylang ylang, resinous jasmine.


Apply to pulse points as a perfume, smooth onto ends of hair, massage generously onto damp skin, or add to a bath for extra luxury.

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